By using CloudConductor, you can orchestrate an overall system on a cloud at one breath. CloudConductor will free you from labor-intensive and unstable manual operation, and will guide you toward a world that everyone can orchestrate a high-quality infrastructure very easily.


By standardize the design know-how of skilled engineers as “pattern”, you can reuse a high-quality infrastructure very easily. Moreover “pattern” brings a lot of agile practices to your infrastructure such as Test Driven Development and Continuous Integration.

Lifecycle events

A system orchestrated by “pattern” focusing on Lifecycle events will reconstruct themselves autonomously if a registered Lifecycle event is occurred. By operating your system with focusing on Lifecycle events, you can maintain simple and consistent system easily.

Multi clouds

By handling Multi clouds transparently, you can avoid the risk to be locked into a particular cloud and you can operate your system in a whole new idea. For example, you can switch your whole system to the best cloud according to the growth of your system. Or also, you can reconstruct your system to a survived cloud when an enormous disaster occurred.