Getting Started

CloudConductor pre-installed AMI

If you will set up CloudConductor on AWS, you can use CloudConductor pre-installed AMI. Please see (Using CloudConductor AMI).

Install CloudConductor




1-1. Install some packages

1-2 Install Packer.

1-3 Install Terraform

1-4 Install and setting PostgreSQL

1-4-1 Install

1-4-2 Setting

Modify auth_method to md5 in pg_hba.conf.

1-4-3 Start service and create new account

2. Install and Setting CloudConductor

2-1 Install CloudConductor

2-2 Configure settings

If you don’t know how to set options, see the ServerManual.(Japanese)

2-2-1 Modify config.rb file

If you will use DNS, modify “dns setting” part to fit your environment.

2-2-2 Modify database.yml

Modify ‘username’ and ‘password’ to fit your database account settings in 1-4-3.

2-3 Overwrite secret_key_base

2-4 Create database for CloudConductor

Create database and tables by Rails project.

2-5 Create administorater account

2-6 Run CloudConductor

3. Install and Setting CloudConductor CLI

3-1 Install CloudConductor CLI

3-2 Add environment variables

4. Build system

4-1 Create project

4-2. Register your cloud information

  • AWS example (use North Virginia)

  • OpenStack example

4-3. Register base_image

If you will be use OpenStack or Wakame-vdc, you must be register VM images to your cloud and create base_image.

4-4. Register patterns

CloudConductor sample patterns:

Using Terraform as system build providers(default setting), you must be register “common network pattren”.

4-5. Create blueprint

4-5-1. Register blueprint

4-5-2. Add pattern to blueprint

If you want to use terraform, you must be add to “common network pattren”

4-5-3. Make pre-build images

Image building takes several minutes.
Check blueprint status and wait until its status changes to CREATE_COMPLETE.

4-6 Register system

4-7 Create environment

Input paramaters

  • terraform example

  • CloudFormation/Heat Example

  • Deploy application to environment

5-1. Register application

5-2. Release application

5-3 Deploy application

Check environment status and wait until its application_status changes to DEPLOY_COMPLETE.

5-4 Access application

  • Access to http://[environment_frontend_ip or your_system_domain]/jpetsotre/